Top Design Trends to Make a Successful Mobile App Design

Top Design Trends to Make a Successful Mobile App Design

Factors to Make a Successful Mobile App Design

Mobile application design is very important to the success of your application project. That’s why, in your search for professionals in mobile application development, you will have to make sure that there is a designer. Keep in mind that if the design of your application is bad, the user may reject the application. It will not use it and will even erase it.

Trends in mobile app design

Currently, there is a polarization of opinion in relation to mobile application design. They are divided into two very common currents. Even if they appear to be opposites, they have some similarities. This is flat design or flat design on one side and skeuomorphism on the other. Now we ask ourselves what is the best choice for mobile application design? First, let’s see what each of them is.

Flat design

In recent years, we have seen a clear trend towards flat design. This type of mobile application design is characterized as a clear line design, very diaphanous, following a strict grid. Minimalist designs have triumphed in application development, but also on the web.

iOS 7 is a good example of flat design. It’s an aesthetic that has gradually become accustomed to the designers of applications for iPhone and iPad, but that also extended to the designers of Android applications.

Skeuomorphism or complex design

Skeuomorphism or depth design now seems to have lost ground in the face of flat design. Apple has gradually adopted it to pass, in less than two years, from simple mobile application design to a more complex design. Realistic textures such as wood, textiles or metal are used to give a more realistic look. Therefore, it is more intuitive. A friendly design aims to positively affect the engagement and retention of the mobile user. Loyal users will always be better than reaching a high number of downloads without commitment. If we are relying on a more elaborate and loaded design when creating an application, we must make sure that it is intuitive for the user.

Other Trends in Mobile Application Design

Larger screens: the arrival of phablettes and especially, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, popularized the fact that the screens of mobile devices are increasingly bigger. Until now, the user had maintained and interacted with his mobile device by holding it with one hand. Now, with a large mobile device, the mobile user will have to hold it with one hand and interact with the other. On the other hand, we are not just talking about mobile application design, as this will also have an impact on the design of smartphone games. Could this pave the way for programming more realistic and more complex Unity 3D games?

1. Full customization

We note that DIY tools to create an application lose their strength. On the other hand, creating a native application instead of a pre-conceived application is an option that holds more potential and offers more benefits. One of them is that we can customize the application to our liking, unlike tools like Mobincube or Adiante apps that offer predetermined designs from which one can create its application. With a native application, your application will be customized. This is an ideal opportunity to do branding and create a unique application with a unique application design.

2. Order and Cleanliness

This is one of the trends that is happening and allows us to optimize the mobile application so that it integrates with the standards of design and the use of mobile applications. We opt more and more for a clear and ordered screen, with a clear appearance, which focuses only on the function that is used at a given moment. Increasingly, developers prefer to create an application that uses hidden menus that only appear when the mobile user requires it.

3. Features

Adding all the connectivity possible and the functionality of the apps that allow us to share content with other users is paramount. The possibility of interacting with GPS and Bluetooth and also synchronization with social networks is added every time.

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