Tinder launches a dating app for professionals

Tinder launches a dating app for professionals

The technical director of the famous dating application launches a new service, designed to facilitate networking between professionals.

Many start-ups like to claim to be the new “Tinder”. Gardening, dog walking, babysitting … This comparison is rarely justified. Except in the case of Ripple. This new application takes the famous principle of “swipe”, which involves sliding his finger to the right or left to select a profile, to apply it to the world of professionals. Above all, Ripple was founded by Tinder employees.

The team that built Tinder site has created a whole new experience with Ripple – The Professional Network.

“At the beginning of Tinder, we did not really think about dating. It was mainly about meeting new people online. Ripple is a homecoming for us, “says Ryan Ogle, Tinder’s former technical director, who left his post to found Ripple. At his side, two other former employees of the dating application: Paul Cafardo, former chief engineer, and Gareth Johnson, Tinder designer. Presented officially at the Las Vegas CES, Ripple is already available on iOS and Android.

Compete with LinkedIn

In appearance, Ripple actually looks like Tinder. To add someone to their professional network, you have to “swipe” their profile on the right. The similarities stop there. Ripple has more options than Tinder. For example, you can participate in private or public groups to discuss certain topics related to your profession. Ripple relies heavily on data analytics to enhance the user experience, and connect them with the right people. For example, to add the profile of a person encountered during a professional event, just take a picture. If it is present on the application, its profile will be automatically offered to the user. Ryan Ogle compares this feature to exchanging business cards. Ripple can also report if an article brings up a topic that might interest a user and one of his contacts. She finally uses the geolocation of the smartphone to indicate if a professional contact is nearby, for example to offer a lunch.

The idea of ​​Ripple was born during a hackathon organized within Tinder. It is now an independent start-up. She has already received seed money from Tinder. Match Group, which owns the famous dating app, is also a shareholder in this new venture. Ripple is competing with LinkedIn, the professional network’s giant juggernaut, owned by Microsoft, which boasts more than 500 million members worldwide. Its principle also evokes that of Shapr, a French start-up that has also positioned itself on the niche of the professional meeting on mobile. Ironically, Ripple’s latest potential competitor is Bumble Bizz, a new option from the Bumble dating app, which was created by a former co-founder of Tinder.

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