The 3 Elements of Mobile App Design: screen, colors and typography

The 3 Elements of Mobile App Design: screen, colors and typography

The success of a mobile application depends on many factors, one of the most important of which is design, because it determines the quality of the user experience. The question then arises how to make a successful app design. And the answer lies in these three elements:

The screen

At the moment, there are many devices on the market, with different screen sizes and resolutions. The application must adapt to all these variants, be it the smartphones or the tablets.


The psychology of colors is known. Colors can affect the emotions of the users of your application and, by the same, have an influence on your business. So do not underestimate this and make sure you make the right choice. On this point, you will have to take into consideration the different resolutions of screens, since the same color is seen differently for each one of them.

The typography

The typography of the application leaves little scope for creativity. The more artistic the letter is, the more difficult it will be to read the texts. Bet on simplicity. Serif sans serif fonts are ideal for app design because they combine three conditions to improve the readability of content on mobile devices:

They allow the use of large sizes.
Their thickness is intermediate, not too thin or too greasy.
The ascending and descending parts of the letters are not very long

A mobile application plays an important role in branding. It is therefore essential to choose the colors and typography that fit the philosophy of your business.

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