Maximize your chances on Tinder with these tips!

Maximize your chances on Tinder with these tips!

The arrival of Tinder, a geolocated dating app, has been emulated. She has changed the game by revolutionizing meetings. Already have the app on your smartphone? So why are you waiting for Cupid? Follow these tips to make your Tinder profile a real massive weapon of seduction. At your games!

10 tips to meet a woman quickly on Tinder

The first thing everyone will see is your profile picture. It is the first way to make you distinguish from the mass then, choose the one that puts you in the greatest value. You can put up to 6 photos, but the first must be flawlessly perfect. For others, put your passions and your hobbies on it: you surfing, or with a guitar … If you show yourself having fun with friends, full of life and passion, someone who does not shoot not the mouth what, it will cardboard for you!

2.Your bio

Bio is something you should never neglect. By leaving it empty, no woman will ring your doorbell, and unfortunately, you will be part of the 98% of profiles that are least likely to be retained. Leisure and interests are always welcome in this section. However, it is not necessary to tell the story of a lifetime, because it is 500 characters not 500 pages. The spelling is also to cure under penalty of passing for a true illiterate.

3.Your photos on Instagram

Linking Tinder and Instagram is the best way to make your exhibitionist side profitable. In addition, the photos are often revealing that beautiful words, they can tell something unique about each individual. In addition to your Facebook photos, Instagram’s photos will be much more likely to produce effects. The more photos you have, the more matches you will make. Women can discover you differently and can easily engage in conversation with you … or not! Also, the photos of your cooked last night are to be avoided!

4.Active research

You can always take a little time to peel the profile of every girl that comes, provided you have an eternity to do your research. No need to look for noon to two o’clock, validate them all for sorting. Do not panic, you will be informed when you get matches. So, if a girl has also validated you, if it does not fit your own criteria, you simply have to delete the discussion. Yes, life is unfair to her, but what do you want, you’re not here to play, right?

5. A more natural approach

The magic phrase that catches the eye is hard to find on the spot. However, you can skip this step, because on Tinder site (, to “match”, just take a profile item. This can be the place of study, the job … Otherwise, you can also use GIF, because the site has just launched. So, do not waste your time looking for the first catchphrase, just send a GIF to reveal your personality and sense of humor. But if you prefer words, do not bother yourself!

6.Swipe even more on Sunday evening

You can make beautiful meetings 24/24 and 7/7. Girls do almost nothing from 11 pm every day, and they stay taped to their phones, more to the app. It is at this time that you will have more luck to find girls with whom you can talk. To increase your chance to quickly meet a girl on Tinder, sweep Sunday night, because at this time, users, but especially users, are almost all active. However, that does not mean that you will not go on Tinder the other days.

7.Your wider horizons

If you do not want to miss any profile, correct the scope and age range of your searches to increase your affinities. Who knows, maybe the meeting that will change everything is in the city next door! But most importantly, select only the profiles that really interest you.

8.Your first words

It has matured! What to tell him? It is now a question of approaching it in a subtle and original way, far from the debilitates of the genre “Salu sava miss? “. Do not worry too much for a whole century. To put it simply, take an element of her bio: a passion or a hobby, and speak with a little bit of humor. It can also work with a small detail of his photo: a color, a hat … Awaken the common interests that can tilt. There is also a whole other experimental process, but one that has already been proven so many times: the girl’s name followed by an exclamation point: “Lilly! “. Astonished, surely she will answer you.

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