5 dating apps that will make you forget about Tinder

5 dating apps that will make you forget about Tinder

“Are you on Tinder or the French version of it Tinder Rencontres? “: The question that singles most often hear. Still, this is not the only app to meet other hearts to take. Who needs Cupid when we have these apps?

You’ve been on Tinder site all summer without finding the perfect partner? Are you so used to pressing the red button that your thumb does it instantly, making you miss the (rare) boys that might interest you? Change the air! If Tinder is the most popular app, she is not the only one who can help you in your love affairs.


This is the antithesis of Tinder: instead of offering you a supermarket singles, Once offers a single candidate. How it works? Every day, a profile is proposed to you based on a series of criteria which you completed previously. If both people like each other, they can communicate. As a result, you are not hooked on your smartphone all day long: where you like or … you wait 24 hours.


Another classic alternative of Tinder: Happn. Here your interests matter little (at least first). The important thing for this application is your geolocation. Your neighbor is a handsome kid but you dare not approach it? You’ve met an ultra cute guy in the street and he’s now haunting your dreams? So this is the application that suits you. As with Tinder or Once, only people who have liked each other can communicate. Only disadvantage: you must move a lot if you do not want to fall a thousand times on the same people.


It is the application for the originals who want to leave in search of the great love without going through the usual tools. The principle? As the name suggests, this app is based on the things you hate. So, you have to fill out a questionnaire and, depending on your answers, the application will propose some profiles. Sharing the same hate is certainly just as strong as loving ice cream, cats and Chinese food, right?


Do you like bearded people? DARK! This application is reserved for beards and people who love beards! An original application and especially very effective knowing that it is the number one factor that women love. For the rest, this application works like the others.

Deserve Her

This is the app for women who want to be treated like princesses. Here, not everyone can contact you, no no no. To have the honor to speak to you, your cherished future potential must win a verbal and pictorial contest! “Three candidates, one winner” is the slogan of this application concocted by the French world champion Pierre-Ambroise Bosse (you read correctly). The sportsman, with some friends, has developed a very simple system: first, you must choose two of three candidates based solely on photos. Then they must convince you to choose it by l

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